Month: March 2014

Characters with Character

I once played an online game of D&D at Treyvan Mush. Mush stands for Multi-User Shared Hallucination, a text based persistent world game connectable from people around the world, think a text only MMO with players making the storylines like tabletop GMs, as well ad admin plots from time to time. On this game, I had heard that the common belief was in 3.5 that Paladins should be fighter prestige classes, as people were playing them as fighters with some cool powers and not engaging the character.

I normally like making characters based on what is needed, filling some sort of a empty role when it comes to the adventure, like being the meatshield or the scout or the social person. When I heard that, I knew I had to make a Paladin.

As this was a MUSH, persistant world was the key, so I could be on RPing with other people at any time of the day or night, and we had roughly twenty to thirty people at the quiet times. Treyvan’s story was a city beseiged by orcs and other monster races, so there were a lot of adventure lines approved by the staff that were focused on attack or defense of the city, not much I  remember of traditional dungeon crawls.

Now my Paladin was worked out ahead of time that my application to play included a background as was policy, but also a code of honor which was my Paladin’s code to follow, and I also listed time alottments in a daily schedule for prayer and a couple standard prayers for the God I followed, so the Admin could see the work I had put into it, and could make use of it if they wished.