Lest Dispelled Journal #2

With the beast gone, there was a lot of cleaning up to do. And it seems that this place has many more mysteries to it than just some crazy birdman thing trying to slaughter the world in search of some person I think it was asking about. I never really paid much attention to the people in this city, content to go on with my own life. But it seems like this is starting to change, at least until I can figure out what this freak of nature really is.

After the mess of the battle, I tried to help cleaning up, since I don’t really like much of a mess. Tables were put back and random junk was set back into place. Some of the stuff, I don’t get why they were selling it. But then, city people have always been strange. I did get some thanks from the occasional people, even this really weird bard guy and Urma did get some attention from the children. So long as they don’t pull on his tail or anything, he won’t need to bite anymore fingers. It’s bad enough I had to keep him on a leash, I’m not going to muzzle him for something that’s the fault of people too inattentive to watch their kids and not train them that sometimes animals are wild.

But back to the mysterious occurances. After being apparently the only person there without a shop to be doing cleaning up, I decided to get something to eat and well what I walked into reminded me of the time I found that baby deer just so lost around the body of its mother who had been attacked by wolves. The baby was just looking and pawing at its mother, as it to wake it up from sleeping. The same with this serving girl at the inn. Apparently, around the same time the bird appeared in the market, the owner of this place went into some sort of a weird coma, just passing out and barebly breathing.

I had to be the nice guy and bring her to some help, because all life is precious and we need to embrace that fact… Which is why I never understand the people who hunt just for certain bits of an animal, leaving the rest to just rot in the woods. You need food, great, kill to eat, but take the rest of it too. Make something with the skin, grind the bones to use in your garden, do something with it.

Anyway, I take the woman to the doctor and then am set on the task of finding someone else. I suppose they have their hands full helping the people. In the end, I get the woman, the same person who was weilding the gun against the bird. We end up finding out there’s a lot of these strange things going on, all these unnatural occurances. Going to have to find out what is going on and figure a way to bring balance back to nature, since it’s not like the animals can do it for themselves and these city people aren’t really going to care. Though, I normally wouldn’t care what happens in their cities either, so I can’t hold it against them too much. Only reason I do is, I don’t need their cities to live, they need the natural world.


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