Sketched Characters

I’ve had this concept kicking around in my head since seeing the following picture.


I had been toying with a video post of some characters that I felt fit Bard class roles, then the idea expanded into using ones for all classes, especially  when this picture made me think of some options. I used to do this a lot when I start making characters, find someone, or a group, and build the traits into a character. Like I had a Mutants and Mastermind mentalist thief character I based off Frank B. Parker from Seven Days tv series.

Belle would be a Bard; Cha skills and bardic lore. Her father would be an artificer. Beast, probably just an aristocrat with the werewolf template for stat mods. Gaston would be a high Cha fighter type, with low Int scores.

Aladdin is Rogue with an animal companion, Jasmine is a multiclass aristocrat/rogue if you watch the cartoons (may have multiclassed in the cartoons after adventures, but has a high dex to do the pole jump in Aladdin). Jafar would probably be a sorceror with the snake staff as a magic item with the power to cloud men’s minds.

Hunchback, probably a ranger with high dex and strength but low cha. Might be fighter. Esmeralda is a bard, being gypsy basically screams it. Frollo I think would be an NPC class though could use the Eberron rules to be more than one step away from their God (and I’m thinking God would probably be something like LG, loves people but only being saved if you follow the rules) And Phebus, I think fighter.

Snow White would be a Druid, just watch the animals flock to her. I think she also has leadership for Dwarf Henchmen, or could be NPCs or hirelings that she works for to cover upkeep. Or you could say the Dwarves have a Druid hireling. The Prince is NPC, I think.

To keep this from being too long, let me list a last one that I think makes sense but can see being possibly controversial. Pocahontas the ranger. She could fall in Barbarian for her savageness as seen by the Europeans and her brash stubbornness could be considered a closed minded rage, but I think her nature connection sees her better as a ranger or perhaps druid.

Of course, if we’re going to do that for their PC classes, we should have someone GM. And there are two animated characters I would love to see as GM. Aladdin’s geine could do props, scenes and even NPCs and put on quite a show. However, the best animated character to GM is what I would classify epic level bard (or has permanent glibness), Rango. Seriously, the guy knows storytelling so well to have people eating out of his hand.

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