GM v1.5

I have a Yes/No die in my dice collection and I love the thing. It is a great way to allow me to randomly determine an event without it being GM fiat. For example, the group approaches a door in a building and tries to open it, I can on the fly use that to see if it is locked. Also it is great for things like ‘Does this person know anything about the topic’ or ‘Is there a trail in the woods’ or the like.

However, sometimes a simple yes/no does not cover it, as there are exceptional outliers like a critical success or failure, and these can influence the result. ‘Does this person know anything on the topic’ critical failure can have a widely inaccurate story being told, while a critical success includes details above and beyond, to the point of giving other avenues of pursuit.

This is where things like Mythic Game Master Emulator come into play. I found this book a few years ago and have skimmed it from time to time, but lately I started giving it more attention. It is a great book as the system it provides for answering a yes/no question and running a whole adventure is richly designed. It has ways to have your adventure get turned on its head in interesting ways, and that is something some GMs lack.

I remember the original SimCity had an option for setting to send disasters into your city upon command as well as the random times it sends one. The idea, I feel, was to allow you to shake things up, keep it from getting too repetative as you played onward. Its the same with roleplaying where you can keep doing status quo and not rocking the boat but unless something interesting happens, you may as well just do the things in real life.

That is where the Mythic GM Emulator allows you to go. Come up with a dice roll, follow its ideas with the first story that jumps into your head, and occasionally that will be weird and wacky. Of course, the mechanics of how it does this on a scene level and campaign level is pretty ingenious, and has a simplistic notating system that makes it easy to incorporate into a GM’s toolbox.

If you are a GM who wants to take a little work away from yourself for designing complex adventures and scenes, or just want something to give you a little bonus from time to time when you have questions, check it out. Give it a read, seeing what is of use to you from it, as I think most people may find at least some nuggets they can use.


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