Month: December 2014

Extreme Survival

War…. War never changes. So says the Fallout opening. I have been playing This War Of Mine and it shows a way to change war, at least from a gaming standpoint. This game is where you play as a group of scavengers trying to survive the war, by dealing with getting supplies and food, stopping raiders and even dealing with random events such as do they help their neighbours. You have to made hard choices in this game like who gets to eat the limited food you have, who gets medical supplies and even sleep, not to mention do you steal from or kill others.

At least you do not have to face it alone. You do have neighbours who will come and trade or ask for help. Also, there are areas that you can trade with people squatting in their own buildings or even military in their outposts but if you do something to anger them they may attack. As you only have one scavenger with usually limited weapons, you can get outnumbered quickly in a hostile area and thus killed. Also, occasionally new refugees will join your group.