Month: April 2015

The Cards Will Tell

With Hand of Fate having gone gold, it has made me consider a few ideas of game design for tabletop, mainly the use of cards for adventure design. In the game, you start with a small selection of cards for equipment and for encounters. At various times, you will gain a token to get more cards if you succeed in the challenge you are given. You then make a deck of these equipment and encounters, with some being forced in your deck until you solve them. This allows you to balance between the events, having ones to grant you new tokens, others to give you some sort of boon if you can overcome the challenge of the card.

There are many variety of cards for monster decks and random encounters, ranging from using playing cards as placeholders to specially designed decks with the relevant information on them. However,  there is usually little to tie them together, like designing encounters from random tables. The way Hand of Fate does it is still random, with the stories being woven through the cards by what you unlock for completing specific events. Event 1 gives you event 2 in that chain of events, giving some continuity to the overarcing boss fight challenges.