Month: August 2015

Take a Chance on Me: Playing Possibly Non-Optimized Characters

The latest video by Spoony for his Counter Monkey series is about probably his most controversial statement as he sees it, about rolling 3D6 for stats, in order, and playing that character. Love him, hate him, Spoony definitely says stuff that makes people think from time to time. He’s a lot like John Wick and others in that way, that he’ll say something about Game Balance or the lack of it and how it doesn’t affect the fun of the game and people will take up arms against it without even trying it.

I look at the idea of 3D6 in order and playing them as ‘All the more power to it’, but then I’ve commented about how I like to play challenging and weird type of characters. However, I think people need to consider this sort of idea a bit more, coming up with new types of characters they might not have considered. Cyberpunk 2020 had the Lifepath Generator as part of the character generation to give you different backgrounds and personality twists. There are various generators in Pathfinder and similar, so that’s quite a cool option I think. There’s lots of examples out of there of background generators that will pitch story ideas of the sort, and sometimes it is coming up with reasons and ways to make the character work for you. (more…)

Assassination Minigame

Knife and Candle is a minigame, so to speak, in the browser game of Fallen London. It is an underground league of what basically equates to the game of Assassin, the live action game played with mock weapons as players try to be the last person standing. It is usually played on college campuses and other such small areas, but I have seen it played on larger areas. Think of it as a non-lethal version of the movie “The Tournament”, for example.

The reason I bring this up is it is an interesting idea that I think I might be incorporating into my tabletop games in some variation. It doesn’t have to be lethal, it could just be as simple as stealing a bandana from people or attacking them with stun weaponry in a Sci-fi campaign. The idea that sets this apart from any other random encounter is this is something the players can volunteer for and also can become active in themselves. You would have the random NPC chances of an encounter, but the players can also go looking for other people who take part in it.


Do you know you know, you know? Meta-ness in games

TheAngryGM wrote an article on Metagaming and their dislike of people using it to justify stupid decisions being made in character. For those that don’t know, metagaming in terms of roleplaying games can be seen here at Wikipedia, but can be quite dry. An easy way to describe it is essentially summed up in the zombie movie genre. In every zombie movie, people act like they have no clue what a zombie is or how it works, even though zombie movies have been around for years. People get bitten and try to hide it, they go up and ask the shambling person if they’re alright, and so forth. Great for the early movies, but as Ctrl+Alt+Del showed, zombies are in our pop-culture, we know what they are now.

So, when you look at metagaming with the arguments that TheAngryGM makes about characters having battle training, and even just picking up random scraps of pop culture of the times. So, understanding how to make the most advantageous combat move for the moment makes sense, unless you’re in a system where your character wouldn’t have that experience. IE, playing a CP2020 game and you’re playing a Corp or News or maybe even a Rocker.