Month: September 2015

Getting To Know Each Other

When you initially start a story, the main concept is getting the characters together. The initial trope was that you all start in an inn, perhaps some shadowy figure offering you a job. However, some people want to change things up and make it so its different. There are a whole list of options in the Character Introduction tropes page, but I was thinking about some video examples recently so I want to give you a few examples. (more…)

Does OneBookShelf have room for All Books?

I’m sure those who cared enough to follow the whole issue with DriveThru RPG and some publishers coming together to get rid of a publication they declared offensive. You can read about it at any number of sources such as here and here as well as here and here and here and  here and here and here and finally here where the author even comments about the product. There is also a press release from the company themselves that is worth a read here. I tried to get a variety of opinions and viewpoints on the whole situation so people can form their own opinions on the whole situation.  (more…)

Visionary Trials and Tribulations

I have talked a lot about tests throughout this blog, because that is in essence what the game is about. I touched on it in my Chalenge to Combat Challenges, where they are conflict and not just combat.

I have been rewatching old cartoons to get ideas for plots and posts and so forth, and one of those cartoons was Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light. A world where technology works no more and magic has reawakened. A magician challenges all knights, good and evil, to ascend to his sanctuary and he will grant magic to each who survive. You then see various clips of challenges that are faced by the knights.


Gamemaster Tips from A “Master Game”

GMs want to tell an epic story for their players, but what makes an epic story? There’s different definitions of classical epics if you look around online, for example this online class has a form to show what the Elements of a Heroic Epic are and then there’s the characteristics of an epic here. Giving us other examples with similar overlapping views are this Idaho university and this Tennessee university. A lot of common threads are weaved through these examples.

Why am I talking about epics? I was watching Projared’s review of Chrono Trigger and was reminded that this game has lasted in top spots on video game charts for the twenty years it has been out. It is to many people a cornerstone in the video game storytelling and design. It is like looking at a list of the top 100 movies ever and seeing how a lot of them are classics back from the 1970’s and earlier.