Quoth the Secret, Evermore

Secret of Evermore was an RPG focusing on the American market specifically, as opposed to something designed in Japan and ported over. It was full of fictitious movie references due to the worry of licensing, but you could usually compare to some real movie and was a reference to the American connection to their media.

The story itself was about four people who were teleported to a created world of Evermore thirty years ago, and each created their own utopia inside based on their interests; Jurrassic dinos, Ancient Greece and Middle Ages before getting to what is essentialy ‘The Future’. However, the system running things decided to mess with things, sending monsters into the eras and essentially trapping the people there.

Then we have the hero coming to rescue them, which one reviewer actually pointed out was /his/ utopia, as all those heroic movies he was referencing were his ideal self he wanted to be so Evermore was turning him into the thing he admired through trials. That is something I never considered until I read it, but it is like the squire admiring heroes becoming a hero, which you see happening in a lot of kid’s shows, showing them to be whatever they want.

This got me thinking, aren’t the best games usually the ones where you can do something different than just the traditional plot and instead try something unique and meaningful to your character? Where the gamemaster works with you to tell the story you want. Speak with your players and your gamemaster, have an idea of where you want your player to go, if it is becoming ruler, starting a guild, finding lost family members? As long as the GM knows, they can add those arcs in. Just remember, the GM may adapt your goals so they are best thing ever or worst;

Finding family members was part of the idea of Sid Meier’s Pirates games, turning the PC from just an privateer/pirate to adventurer seeking to recover their family. That’s one example of orphan style backgrounds, as is Luke Skywalker with the big bad having been his father. Part of me wants to take an orphan character and have them been planted like a cuckoo plants its egg in another bird’s nest to have. them raise it. Then this orphan is part of some massive scale thing and they need to sacrifice themselves to stop it.

Basically, players and DM’s need to work together to get a campaign that they can be proud of on both sides of the table. Its one thing I find overlooked a lot, finding out what each player wants out of the game.


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