Tell Me More about Teldore #1

This is from a Roll20 campaign, some in-character thoughts and observations. Basically a mental character journal for the events of this campaign and maybe some bluebook storytelling. GM, feel free to make use of anything.

So, I have been with this group for a while and we’ve done well, or so I thought. This morning’s fight shows I will need to run the group through the same drills that my combat teachers taught me as… well, they got their asses handed to them like soft fleshies tend to do. Reckless positioning, no use of cover, not even support maneuvers. Thank the Great Mother that we managed to come out of it alive, with her watching over her servant in a time of need.

Of course, Boris decided to keep one of the Goblins as a… pet? I seriously don’t know if that is a good idea, but it does two things. It keeps Boris busy and it keeps a Goblin out of trouble. I just will have to keep an eye open to make sure that the Goblin, according to Boris hereby known as Jeffrey, stays safe and well treated.

When returning back to town we investigated a map we found after our fight which brought us to the Blue Tower, a tower which the guards took over from a magician and apparently will hold more secrets than they know. We now have a goal, but to get inside without hurting anyone who doesn’t deserve it may be a problem.

All it took was a little faith in the Great Mother, hallowed be her lands. She is watching over this noble quest as supposedly this map was stolen from a temple so we are doing the God’s work…. of course, with religious visions and such as our colleague had I have to wonder what God’s work. I will need commute with the Great Mother soon and hope she will show me some guidance. I do not want to be responsible for plunging the world into chaos.

Now, in the caverns under the city it was a literal maze down there, so much so that we got lost and  came up in a Tavern.  Or should I say two of our party did and tried to acquire some supplies at a discount… of 100%. Apparently Jeffrey is growing to be as big an alcoholic as Boris, even so far as beating the innkeeper with a bottle…. I must not force the path on them, instead I can only show them the way. Be a beacon of morality, be an example of how they can strive to be more and reap the rewards. But Great Mother, give me strength. I believe I may break my vows, or one of my party members.

The serving boy is an elf with a sick mother, perhaps being used to do menial labor because of the hatred of elves? I will seek this young Johnathan out after my current mission is over if just to see to him and his mother. Maybe it is a sign that I am meant to aide this boy. We are not sent where we want to go but where we need to be.

However, after figuring our way through the tunnels and finding the next clue to the map… we then find ourselves in a Magic room where we animated some skeletons. Boris got himself down and Jeffrey finished off the skeleton with a lucky shot of Boris’ crossbow before…..

Session ended, more to follow.


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