Teldore #2: Electric Stone Boogaloo  

So, it seems like the Goblin is now a member of our group fully. He had his mana clear removed after Boris felt he earned it in saving his life and he is showing his value… however I am wondering about exactly what the townspeople will think after all that has happened with Goblins there are bound to be some racial moments where he is judged by what he is rather than who.

I have been doing a lot of soul searching this night, attempting to prove my commitment to the Great Mother, more to myself than to the Mother I think. When we discovered the magician’s laboratory it felt good to be out of the sewers and then finding people after the skeletons…. it was a definite sign things were changing. I just wish I knew how much they would be changing.

The fact they have a sword that seems to carry the essence of a demon in it, powered possibly by infernal energies…  Suffice to say, I find myself unnerved but still following on the path that the Great Mother has set me on. It does not help that with but a single ability the last holder of the Sword, a demon that was once a simple human, had me groveling at his feet and calling him master…. and now I carry this blade. I pray that our party is strong enough to resist the siren call of the dark powers. Not to mention a coded tome of a wizard. The other treasures are some magical necklace and a rock that shoots lightning while damaging the user. Wonder how Dragonborn who breathe lightning would handle that? At least our magic user now has them to work for our side.

Oh, Great Mother, may your light shine ever bright. This servant of your Ancient Powers calls to you to please show him the way, give me a sign of what it is you wish me to do. In the meantime, I shall continue to serve as best I can to preserve the light in the world. I already know where to start making up for my lapse with the demon.


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