Teldore #4: Innagadadavida

While I was doing my prayers and rituals and trying to find what I could about this whole sword thing, the group decided to try some initial surveillance of the castle we are going to break into.

They found some information on a way in it seems, as well as finding some secret garden Grove that they were talking about and these various mysteries. I guess we will see it sometime.

After a time, we break into the jail area for these friends of Boris’ and manage to free them without a lot of trouble, though any prison break is going to be problematic, especially when we end up Great Mother knows where…

In our escape, we made it out to the Grotto that the others examined before and… well, I do not know, it seems a magical place but I do not know exactly what it is, why we were here and not our friends? I guess all will be revealed soon enough. 


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