Teldore #5: The Bard, The Demon and The Crypt

We solved our way into the fountain that the others were held up with before.  It might be a good thing we were all here as we went down only to get attacked by skeletons and a creature in a pool of water. My first thoughts were I must teach this group to fight as a cohesive unit as none of them have had formal training. However, I think that has been lost as… Boris may be no more.

I solved the riddle of the statue and we were well on our way dealing with monsters, even though the water monster got one almost downed and another got knocked out by skeletons. Of course as I’m bringing the medical care, we have  Boris working on getting to the magical artifact in the room and crushes it in his hand… causing an arcane explosion that seemed to separate his soul from his body.

His last wish was for Maili to take his body to Newt and we shall carry that out for sure, but the next events make me seriously wonder what the future will bring as we apparently stumbled into a much larger war than we knew of.

The Duke is seeking a sword, it sounds like this red one which makes me wonder if he has the second sword. There were two key holes on the upper level, so I assume there were two swords as well. Except the Great Mother told me, a while ago that there were three.

The Demon in the crypt was put there to kill off survivors from the Duke’s search party as he likely did not want word to get out. There was one survivor, a Bard who was being tormented by the evil. I believe that the mind of the Bard was addled by his experiences as he has lost all grace for dealing with people… if he ever had any, who knows the mind of the fey. Legends and fairy tales speak of it, but I never put much stock in things I did not experience as tales can be colored.

Now, we managed to slay the creature with Evandrian the bard’s help. That does not make his shape changing, secret keeping and general…. torment endear him to me or the others but we shall see if he will be a danger to himself or others, as I do not know if he takes anything seriously.

Maili went to return the body of Boris to the Thieves Guild and we shall see the results of that. As that was ongoing, me and Tomas had a bit of a heart to heart about events and… I guess I should cut my team some slack. They may not have the same battle training and so dedication to a cause like I had drilled into me while training. I can’t expect them to embrace sacrifice as easily as I have. The things I have had to give up to serve do weigh on me, leaving my clan possibly for good, maybe never even to have a mate because this calling may take everything from me…. I cannot expect others to follow so easily, so instead I keep them safe, I support their weight to let them keep their heads held high.


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