Month: April 2017

Growing Plots from Newspapers

I have talked about an ability I have to be able to read a newspaper and from the articles come up with at least five different plot seeds. I decided to give it a try using April 3rd, 2017th online edition of the New York Times to show the thought process I come up with for it. I will show it as close to a step by step process as I can put into words.

Step 1: Find an interesting article title.

One that jumped out to me immediately as I skimmed the opening articles on the site was “Explosion on St. Petersburg Metro Kills 11 as Putin Visits City“. Now, without even having read the article yet, I see possibility for this being an assassination attempt gone wrong. We don’t have a reason why or a group who will be responsible, but we know that they were planning to make this assassination when the leader was coming to the city.  (more…)