Improving Problem Gamers

I might be signing my blog’s death warrant by some #Critters out there, but after watching this video clip from Orion about his experiences and how they impacted his life and how he mentioned about wanting to come back to Critical Role. There were a slew of comments about how his play style was detrimental to the show and the other players and things like that, thus why he should not be allowed back on the show. This is the exact same show that allowed voice actors that have never played the game before come on the show and play, so they should at least be understanding of people screwing up in game.

i don’t know the behind the scenes drama, so there could be many burned bridges with his friends that would cause issues there. However, assuming they are all still great friends, I would hope they would be willing to have him at least guest star as some new character ¬†and see how things go. Some people say playstyle doesn’t change over time, I know that it can. You need to want it to change because you understand that the people you play with don’t like it and these are your friends who you want to play with again. So long as the other players were okay with it, I’d be willing to let someone like that come back to my table, as long as they understand that they need to play differently, play more like the rest of the people.

Now, to go back to the things Orion did that really seemed to stand out as issues with his playing as I noticed was he was brash and impulsive, which could be said to be his character due to stats and personality. Without seeing his sheet and Matt’s house rules, I cannot say for certain about the issues with how many sorcerer points he had at any time (though there was at least one where I remember him saying he was out and then using more in the same combat; could have sacrificed a spell slot or something according to comments, but the player did not account it). There were some concerns with him putting his personal story above others, which in-game may fit the character, but out of game he should work with people to give them all moments to shine. A big one is the ending note where Tiberius poofed to go get a dragonborn army for the reclamation of Percy’s home. I don’t even know if he tried to run that past the GM first, just ‘Here, handle this new turn of events’, which would have thrown any encounters out of whack as well due to shifting Average Party Level and such.

I understand that people may not always change from their core much, but I think they can change their play style if given time and encouragement. So, I think we give the players that encouragement and keep working with those who have a desire to be better. Show them that there are different ways to play, let them see that the game is more than just powering through on Godmode and who knows what you’re going to end up with.

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