Lest Dispelled Journal #3

I thought I had seen most things with the people in this city. But today when I awoke, the woman friend of the innkeeper was wanting to talk to me, asking me to help save the innkeeper. Of course, what could I say but yes to try and help calm the poor girl. I have found that since this whole thing started, I am… changing, somehow. I can see that not all the members of these cities are as… closed hearted and minded as the majority and maybe there is hope between a balance of nature and development. Maybe, but we’ll see. She did give me a good luck charm that she said was special, and so far I have no cause to say otherwise.

Of course, it doesn’t help that when I was leaving the inn to head out to try and deal with some of the weird stuff going on about the city that there was a small crowd of animals of all types just… watching the inn. Almost as if she was somehow reaching out to them. I think there was something said about how this could be a side effect of what is happening with he,r but I don’t know a lot about all this magic stuff. The way I look at it is that hokey religions¬†are no match for a good weapon at your side, especially since the bears and wolves don’t care what god you worship. I’ve never seen them ask anyway. (more…)

Lest Dispelled Journal #2

With the beast gone, there was a lot of cleaning up to do. And it seems that this place has many more mysteries to it than just some crazy birdman thing trying to slaughter the world in search of some person I think it was asking about. I never really paid much attention to the people in this city, content to go on with my own life. But it seems like this is starting to change, at least until I can figure out what this freak of nature really is.

After the mess of the battle, I tried to help cleaning up, since I don’t really like much of a mess. Tables were put back and random junk was set back into place. Some of the stuff, I don’t get why they were selling it. But then, city people have always been strange. I did get some thanks from the occasional people, even this really weird bard guy and Urma did get some attention from the children. So long as they don’t pull on his tail or anything, he won’t need to bite anymore fingers. It’s bad enough I had to keep him on a leash, I’m not going to muzzle him for something that’s the fault of people too inattentive to watch their kids and not train them that sometimes animals are wild. (more…)

Lest Dispelled Journal #1

Note: This is an in-character ‘session report’ done in a journal style from a GURPS game set in Pathfinder world of ¬†Golarion. I play Octavian Steelpike, a Varisian (think Gypsy) woodsman character. He prefers his solitude, with just him and his pet panther Urma (which, based on a quick search I did, is Romanian for ‘To Follow/Shadow’). See here for more details, as is a blog by the GM, and has some great stuff about this campaign and other stuff the GM is interested in too.


Market Day; it’s like watching ants in an anthill or bees around a field of flowers, with all these people rushing around. At least with the ants and bees, they have a direction, they have a reason for being going around like that. That and their young are not left unattended to act so free. One of these days Urma is going to start snapping at their hands, I’m sure… and I’m not going to intervene. I mean, its enough of an insult having to use the leash, but I gotta get my materials somewhere. The land cannot provide everything I need, at least not keeping while on the go. (more…)